Forget the hassle of going to Ombudsman & Insurance internal disputes – Let us take care of the hassle for you!

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Poor Insurance Repairs?
We Deal With Your Insurer!

Vehicle Rectifications Without Dispute Resolution

Has your insurance company’s preferred repairer messed up your vehicle’s repairs?

Insurance companies choose their preferred panel beaters to keep costs down, so it’s no surprise when there are problems with the quality of your vehicle.

If you are unhappy with insurance repairs, you can lodge a complaint with the insurer or with an ombudsman, and you can even go to court. All of that can take months or even years, and you may not be successful!

Instead of lodging a complaint with the insurer, you should speak to our team at Vehicle Safety and Repair Inspections (VSRI).

Based in Melbourne, our professionals will take over the whole process for you. For eligible customers, we will deal with your insurer, repair your car to pre-accident condition, and provide you with a replacement car in the meantime.

While our experts repair your car, a team of legal professionals will pursue payment directly from the insurer. This means that all of your costs will be recovered from the insurance company at the end of the process!

VSRI has a 100% success rate for eligible rectification work and holding insurers to account.

You don’t need to wade through months of dispute resolutions, delays, and paperwork.

Whether it was you or the other driver at fault, we will fix your vehicle when the insurer won’t repair your car properly!

If dispute resolutions are going nowhere or you’ve noticed problems with the quality of your repairs, contact VSRI. Visit us for an independent assessment and rectification services that cut out all the hassle.

Why Choose Us?
What Our Customers Say

Great service!!! 10/10 My car was repaired at VSRI after a man hit me while I was parked. I received a nice SUV like mine as a rental car. May car was repaired beautifully, actually hasn’t looked this good since I bought it. All I had to do is fill in a claim form and the rest was taken care of. Such an easy process.

Last time My car was damaged and it wasn’t my fault I went though my own insurnace. I was told I would get my excess back and I’m still waiting and it’s been 3 years. Thank you again David (VSRI) I will be recommending you to all my work colleagues and family.

Sheena R
What Our Customers Say

VSRI stand by their name. Repairs to my car were spot on. Can’t thank you enough for looking after my car. Great job guys.

David S
What Our Customers Say

My Audi got hit hard from behind. VSRI was recommended to me by a couple of people. They took care of absolutely everything. My car was repaired perfectly, the suspension was sorted and they even replaced the baby seat. We received all brand new parts, and the car looks amazing. Thank you for looking after us and also thank you for the nice hire car we got. Not sure what we would have done with out it. I originally lodged a claim through my insurnace but they hasseled me to go to their preferred shop, I wasn’t getting a hire car and the Assessors wanted all used parts. We need more companies like VSRI in Australia. Thanks again Sam.

Sam P
What Our Customers Say

Thanks guys for the wonderfull job done on my car. My husband was going over it at home and even he said it’s a perfect job. Wish everyone looked after people like David from VSRI does. Thanks again and hope we never have to be back but if we need a panel beater I’m not going anywhere else. We love your work.

Sarah R
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