What Happens If You Are Unhappy With Insurance Car Repairs?

When there are problems with the quality of repairs organised by your insurer, VSRI can help you. Based in Melbourne, our team has been dealing with insurers and fixing poor quality repair jobs for more than 30 years.

We pursue payment directly from your insurer, meaning the cost of our vehicle rectification services can be recovered.

With VSRI, the process is easy. Read the case study below to get a full overview of the process, from the moment of the car accident to vehicle rectification services.

Forget the hassle of going to Ombudsman & Insurance internal disputes – Let us take care of the hassle for you!
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Case Study – Insurance Rectifications Without the Hassle!

Steve was involved in a car accident where his vehicle was damaged. To repair his car, Steve made a claim on his insurance. His insurer approved the claim and Steve’s car was sent for repair at the insurer’s preferred panel beater.

After the repairs were complete, Steve noticed that the colours on the repaired section didn’t match the colour on the rest of his car body. Unhappy with the repairs, Steve contacted his insurance company and requested that they rectify the work.

Steve’s insurance company refused to rectify the repairs, stating that they had already paid for the necessary work. At this point, Steve discovered that he had three options:

  • 01
    Lodge a written dispute with his insurer’s dispute resolution team
  • 02
    Lodge an external complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)
  • 03
    Contact the team at Vehicle Safety and Repair Inspections (VSRI)

After doing some research, Steve discovered that lodging a dispute with his insurance or the AFCA is often a dead end. Instead of wasting his time and money, Steve called the team at VSRI. The experienced technicians at VSRI assessed Steve’s car and discovered additional problems with the repairs. VSRI then rectified the vehicle to pre-accident condition. During the repair, the team also sourced a replacement vehicle for Steve.

VSRI also contacted their legal partners, who dealt with the insurer directly and pursued payment from the insurance company. This meant Steve was able to recover the cost of VSRI’s services, and he didn’t have to deal with the insurance company or an ombudsman either!

Whether the colour doesn’t match, or your vehicle hasn’t been repaired correctly, VSRI can help you! Contact us for rental cars and vehicle rectification services paid for by your insurer. We will organise an independent, no-obligation assessment for your vehicle.