Why should I avoid the car insurance dispute resolution process?

Generally speaking, insurance disputes for car repairs go something like this:

Your insurance company refuses to rectify your repairs, meaning you need to lodge a complaint with their internal dispute resolution department. Your insurer then has 45 days to provide a written response, and they still may refuse to rectify your vehicle. At this point, you can lodge another dispute with an independent ombudsman at the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). In our experience, this is usually a big waste of time as the ombudsman will usually side with the insurer.

At VSRI, we have worked with many customers who have got nowhere with their insurance company or an ombudsman, leaving them at their wits’ end.

When it comes time to dispute your insurance auto repairs, we recommend coming to our team instead. Let us deal with the hassle of insurers and we will restore your car to prime condition faster.

Forget the hassle of going to Ombudsman & Insurance internal disputes – Let us take care of the hassle for you!
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